The quote generated by this estimator can be emailed to me along with project details to secure a booking. Note the two sections: one for digital premastering and one for lacquer mastering. If you require only digital premastering, there's no need to fill out the lacquer mastering section. Similarly, if you only require lacquers to be cut from already premastered audio, you need only fill out the lacquer mastering section. If I am premastering and cutting lacquers, please fill out both sections. Electronic delivery to a manufacturer (such as a DDP image for CD manufacture, or WAV files for lacquer cutting at another facility) is performed at no extra charge. If you are ready to book your project, you can fill out the estimator and then email the submittal form below to assist me in processing your new job.

project quote estimator

Please note that all quotes generated by this estimator, while reasonably accurate, are merely estimates and are subject to change before final invoicing.

digital premastering rates

Additional charges will apply if production master or reference discs require shipping.

length of recording in minutes

number of production master discs

Error-tested CD copies of the master intended for delivery to pressing facilities. Production masters shouldn't be copied or played because errors could easily be introduced into the disc surface. If you intend to deliver your master to the manufacturer electronically (such as a DDP image for CD manufacture, or WAV files for lacquer cutting), no production master discs will be required.

number of reference discs

Untested CD copies of the master intended for personal listening and copying. Reference discs shouldn't be used for pressing, as they may contain errors that could result in plant rejection.

rush service

My rush fee guarantees a review copy of the master within one week of fee payment/mix receipt (whichever arrives last). The fee is non-refundable unless I fail to meet the turnaround guarantee, at which point the job would still be completed on an accelerated schedule at my regular rate. Rush work is always booked as unattended.

length of instrumentals in minutes

Instrumental versions of tracks based on the main master are created at a reduced rate.

length of radio edits in minutes

Radio edits based on the main master are created at a reduced rate.

length of MFiT masters in minutes

Mastered for iTunes versions of tracks based on the main master are created at a reduced rate. NOTE: You do not *need* Mastered for iTunes files in order to release on iTunes! The Mastered for iTunes program is a special program requiring specific technical requirements.

high-resolution vinyl cutting master

If you want me to cut your lacquers for a vinyl release, leave this unchecked and see the "lacquer mastering rates" section below. If cutting elsewhere, select this option if you want a high-resolution cutting master prepared for your lacquer cutter.

setup fee

My once-per-project setup fee covers the various parts of the job that don't include audio work: archiving projects, communication with the client, file transfers, etc.

session type

Unattended work (engineer working alone) is billed at a flat rate based on the length of the master in minutes, and includes free, unlimited revisions. Attended work (client in the studio with the engineer) is billed at an hourly rate, and also includes free, unlimited revisions, unless those revisions are attended.

new customer
returning customer
total for digital premastering

lacquer mastering rates

Shipping for lacquers is built into the pricing below.

record diameter


record rpm


number of sides

For most records, there are 2 sides. However, variations exist: for example, one-sided records may be desired/required, and double LPs typically involve 3-4 sides.

reference lacquers

This is a lacquer that is cut and then mailed to you for review on your own turntable. This is a great way to evaluate how your project will translate to vinyl before final lacquers are cut.
total for lacquer mastering
total cost

submittal form

Fill in the following project info and then click "send email" to email this quote and secure a booking.
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master completion deadline

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master delivery address:

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submittal format(s)
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audio cd
data cd/dvd
dat tape
analog reel
online (FTP, etc.)
vinyl record
release format(s)
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cd full length
cd ep
cd single
vinyl full length
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digital download
CD-TEXT and ISRC codes
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miscellaneous project notes: