Single tracks can be mastered as a demonstration of my digital premastering service at a prepaid rate of $25 USD, with guaranteed one week turnaround. Here's how it works:

  1. Send $25 via PayPal using the "Buy Now" button below (be sure to enter the artist/band name in the text field):

    artist/band name

  2. Send me your unmastered track using the Saff Mastering WeTransfer channel (see button below). Where it says "Type your message (optional)" in the uploader, be sure to include the artist/band name. Where you are asked to enter your email address, enter the address you wish to use for receipt of the mastered track.

  3. I will return the mastered track to you within a week of payment/file receipt (whichever arrives last). You will receive a full refund of your $25 payment if I fail to deliver the mastered track within one week.

Please note that while samples are guaranteed to be complete within a week, full jobs are usually booked weeks in advance. The $25 sample fee is non-refundable when the sample is delivered within one week. The $25 sample fee is not applicable to future invoices. There are no restrictions on how the file can be used, even if you decide not to use my service for your project. Saff Mastering's free revision policy does not apply to sample tracks, but if the track becomes part of a normal job, free revisions would then apply. Samples are limited to one track per year per artist/band.