Saff Mastering is a facility providing mastering for all formats (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette, etc.) and lacquer mastering for vinyl in northwest Chicago. Carl Saff began tracking and mixing records in 1995, but mastering has been the focus of his engineering work since 2000. This studio's goal is to make sure the mixes you've worked hard to perfect receive the best possible presentation for your listeners, and payment is only accepted when the client is completely satisfied with the work.

Be sure to check out the studio's regular "Master of the Week" posts and more on the social media sites linked below:

And you can keep up with the studio's ever-expanding discography on the clients page. Here are some of the most recent additions ( indicates lacquer mastering only):

(Feel It)
Devo's Gerald V. Casale aka Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers
(Real Gone )
Decemberists, The
Live Home Library Vol. 1
Radiant Knife / WOORMS
Max and the Martians
All the Same
(Perpetual Doom)
Wipers (aka Wipers Tour 84) [2021 Reissue]
(Jackpot )
Portugal. The Man
Oregon City Sessions
(Approaching AIRBalloons )
Hanson, Cory
Pale Horse Rider
(Drag City )
Moriondo, Chloe
I Eat Boys / Bodybag
(Fueled by Ramen )
Dead Boys
Young Loud and Snotty [2021 Reissue]
(Jackpot )
Salsburg, Nathan
(No Quarter)
Lust, Mike
Demented Wings
(Forge Again)
Pozivi u stranu
Fu Manchu
Return to Earth 1991-1993 Deluxe Edition
(At the Dojo)
Mind Maintenance
(Drag City )
Samuels, Johanna
(Mama Bird Recording Co. )
Goodboy Suit, The
Within Walls Without Windows
(Forge Again)
Glen Echo
(Drag City )
Traffic Death
Judas Curse of the Iron Sabbath
(Sump Pump)
Parson Red Heads, The
Lifetime of Comedy
(Fluff & Gravy)