Saff Mastering is a facility providing mastering for all formats (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette, etc.) and lacquer mastering for vinyl in northwest Chicago. Carl Saff began tracking and mixing records in 1995, but mastering has been the focus of his engineering work since 2000. This studio's goal is to make sure the mixes you've worked hard to perfect receive the best possible presentation for your listeners, and payment is only accepted when the client is completely satisfied with the work.

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And you can keep up with the studio's ever-expanding discography on the clients page. Here are some of the most recent additions ( indicates lacquer mastering only):

Espy, Matt
(Drag City )
there's always someplace you'd rather be
Jackpot Plays Pinball Vol. 1
(Jackpot )
Bonnie Prince Billy
Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You
(Drag City)
(No Coast Recordings )
Rocket 808
House of Jackpots
(12XU )
Who Do They Think They Are?
Split Seconds
(Sophomore Lounge / Grapefruit )
Grody, Danny Paul
Arc of Day
(Three Lobed Recordings)
KEN Mode
Jackpot Plays Pinball Vol. 2
(Jackpot )
Connors, Loren and Alan Licht
At the Top of the Stairs
(Family Vineyard )
Kvern, Neil S.
Doctor Dancing Mask
(Freedom to Spend)
Smith, Linda & Nancy Andrews
A Passing Cloud
(Grapefruit / Gertrude Tapes )
Weak Signal
War and War
Bush Tetras
They Live in My Head
(Wharf Cat)
Savage Masters [10th Anniversary Reissue]
(Brutal Panda)
Holy Motors
Slow Sundown [2023 Reissue]
(Wharf Cat )
Electric Nature, The
Old World Must Die
(Feeding Tube )
Water Damage
2 Songs