Saff Mastering is a facility providing mastering for all formats (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette, etc.) and lacquer mastering for vinyl in northwest Chicago. Carl Saff began tracking and mixing records in 1995, but mastering has been the focus of his engineering work since 2000. This studio's goal is to make sure the mixes you've worked hard to perfect receive the best possible presentation for your listeners, and payment is only accepted when the client is completely satisfied with the work.

Be sure to check out the studio's regular "Master of the Week" posts and more on the social media sites linked below:

And you can keep up with the studio's ever-expanding discography on the clients page. Here are some of the most recent additions ( indicates lacquer mastering only):

Balloon Snake
(Drag City)
Greener Postures [2023 Remaster]
(Drag City)
Amos, Emil
Zone Black
(Drag City )
Maggot Heart
(Rapid Eye / Svart)
Gittleman, Joe / BAD OPERATION
Wavebreaker No. 4
(Bad Time)
P.G. Six
Murmurs & Whispers
(Drag City )
Fire Down Below
Low Desert Surf Club
(Ripple Music)
Dreamviolence [2023 Remaster]
(Wharf Cat)
Bedroom Eyes
Turned Away
(a La Carte)
Shepp, Archie
Derailleur: The 1964 Demo
(Triple Point )
O'Rourke, Jim
Hands That Bind OST
(Drag City )
We Must Leave You
Drop Nineteens
Hard Light
(Wharf Cat)
Birnbaum, Gabriel
Nightwater : All the Dead Do is Dream
(Western Vinyl)
Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew [2023 Reissue]
(Jackpot )
Fahey, John
Proofs & Refutations
(Drag City )
Cheval de Frise
Fresques sur les parois secretes du crane
(cmptr stdnts)